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The RVcampReviews site is a collection of campground reviews submitted by Rvers just like yourself. This site is a feature of the Tiffin RV Network and it is available to any RVer, regardless of what brand RV they own. We encourage everyone who uses this site to participate by adding their own reviews. Everyone benefits by sharing in a large cross-section of information.


The reviews are cataloged by states or provinces, then cities, and finally campground names. There area number of methods available to you for accessing these views. You can simply select a state or province from the menu in the left sidebar or you can utilize the Google Maps feature to access them.

If you choose to use the menu system, simply select a state or province from the left menu. You will then be shown a page with a state map and a new menu listing all of the cities in that state that have campground reviews posted. At this point you can select a city from the menu and you'll be taken to a new screen with a map of that city and immediate area. Underneath this map will be a listing of all campground reviews for that city. Or, you can also view the state map, which will show markers for every campground with latitude/longitude GPS co-ordinates. Simply clicking on that marker will then take you to a listing of reviews for that city. Either method will work and it's just a matter of personal preference as to what you're comfortable with.

If you prefer the Google Map, you may use it to find your campgrounds. From the home page you can pan and zoom the map to the area that you are interested in. There is also a Drag-Zoom icon on the map. Click it and drag a box on the map and the map will snap to those co-ordinates. When you get it to the size you like you can click on any marker to go to a review of that campground.

On the far left of each page is a menu. This menu lets you navigate to the other features of our site, such as the forum or RV Tech Library. It also lets you choose to search for a particular campground or submit a new review. It gives you access to this help page also, but you already know that or else you wouldn't be here.

Once you are at the page that displays the campgrounds reviews for the city that you are interested in, you will notice a listing of nearby campgrounds. This listing displays the distance as well as direction. If you are interested in one of those cities simply click on the link to go display the reviews for that city. If you would like to display a map of that entire sdtate just select the button near the top of the page to display a map of that state or province as well as a listing of cities with reviews within that state.

Searching for Campgrounds:

The RVcampReviews site also includes a search sub-routine. If you are looking for a certain campground subject but don't quite know where to find it, simply enter in your query into the search box and the library will find it for you. You xcan search either the city, state, or campground name. It will check for any single word within a name so entering "KOA", for instance, would return a listing of every campground with KOA in it's name. If you enter more than one word you have the cchoice of looking for a combination that requires both words (by using the "and" button) or matching either one of the two words (by using the "or" button). You can include up to four words in a search string. Justy separate eeach word with a space. The search is not case sensitive so don't worry about having to use capital letters. If you were to enter "KOA California" and selected the "and" button you would get a listing of every KOA that happened to be in California. If you were to enter the same query , but selected the "or" button, then you would get a listing of every campground that was a KOA as well as every campground in California. So, plan your searches accordingly. If you only enter a single word the "and/or" buttons are ignored. Once you have entered a search query the results will be displayed in list format. You may then scroll through the list and click on a campground name and you will be taken to that particular campground review page. The search routine can be accessed from the home page but it's also available at all times via the left sidebar menu.

Submitting Your Own Review:

You can submit a new campground review from several places on the site. There is always a menu selection on the left sidebar menu. Other icons appear on each state page as well as the city pages and at the bottom of each review. Once you select one of these icons you'll be taken to a page where you enter in your user name and location. Note that you can use your full name, an abridged version, your forum login handle, or any other name you choose to identify yourself with. This is just so that we can have separate identifies for the various RVers using this forum. Don't worry, you're not going to get any spam or correspondence from us.

Simply select a state from the pull-down menu box. After that you will be presented with a screen showing the various cities that have campground reviews posted for that state. If the dropdown selection box is empty there have been no campground reviews posted yet for that state. You can then choose to create a new city and move on to the next screen. The next screen will allow you to select a campground from the list. If this list is empty then there are no reviews for that city and you can choose to create a new campground. Please fill in as much of the information as possible. If you don't know the zip code, website, etc you may skip this but we recommend you make an attempt to fill everything in. This information may be very valuable to those who view it and the information is only as good as what is put into it so please try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Choose the hookups selections, if you're not sure, leave the "not sure" box checked. You can explain any of this in the comments section below. Also, be sure to mention what kind of RV you were in, such as "40' motorhome", "Fifth Wheel", "26' Class C", etc. It may help the next person.

Be sure to give it a rating. 1 being an absolute failure while 10 being the next best thing this side of heaven. Also indicate the rate you paid and the month and year of your stay. Feel free to enter as many comments as you like. The more, the better. It may help another RVer to make his go/no-go decision so lay it all on the line. After you have entered all your data view it to verify accuracy then post it. Once posted you'll have to option of viewing it, creating a new review, or returning to the home page. Please be careful when entering street addresses! The system will automatically calculate the latitude/longitude based on this so polease give accurate information. No post office box numbers please. If the system cannot geocode a set of co-ordinates from that address it won't be able to display a marker on the map and the only way to find the review is via the left sidebar menu. If you do know the GPS co-ordinates you may enter them manually via the "Edit Your Review" selection on the left sidebar menu once you've made the initial review.

Editing Your Reviews:

If you decide that you need to make a change to a review that you've previously made, choose the "Edit Your Reviews" selection on the left sidebar menu to access that utility. Note that you cannot change another person's reviews, only those that you have made. You can also use this to add information, such as GPS co-ordinates, that was not originally entered.


We've tried to make the Campground Reviews site as comprehensive as possible while still keeping it easy to operate and quick to find the campground you are looking for. Our goal is to make it a valuable resource that you will enjoy. If you still have problems that you can't seem to correct, contact us at admin@rvcampreviews.com


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